Request to Levanga Hokkaido player

Thank you for using Gifter.

In the future, regarding players in Levanga Hokkaido, we will make regular sales and limited quantity sales (up to 10 per player) in consideration of the player schedule. In the future, we will set up a sales period on the following schedule.

For contacting the purchase period, please contact us.Gifter Official Twitter orLevanga Hokkaido Official TwitterWe will be happy to contact you.

Sales period:
From May 15th (Sat) to May 22nd (Sat) 23:59 (Video delivery: Until June 10)
From May 28th (Friday) to June 5th (Saturday) 21:00 (Video delivery: Until June 30th)

* For the following sales period, we will contact you from GIfter official Twitter or Levanga Hokkaido official Twitter.