Make your video message a lifelong treasure for fans

As a celebrity who can give fans dreams, hopes and emotions, a video message that only reaches them will be the best experience for them.
Let's delight our fans with Gifter!

What is Gifter?

Easy opening

Information such as the profile is entered by the management side, so no troublesome work is required.

Service usage fee is free

Celebrities do not have to pay anything to use this service.

Request response

It's an original video that answers what fans want you to say, so the joy is doubled.

Gifter features

Acquire new fans

It is designed to be easy to link with SNS, and by spreading it, you can get to know individuals and groups and acquire new fans.

Offer support during gap time

If you cannot receive the offer, such as during busy times, you can temporarily stop accepting the offer.

Pricing that suits you

You can set the price for your video message yourself. The default setting is the average price of 8000 yen, but you can change it at any time.

Reliable security

Since it is a service operated by a listed company, you can use it with confidence in terms of security. Requests with inappropriate content can be passed through.

How to get started with Gifter


Contact Us

Please contact us using the inquiry form below. The management side will contact you shortly, so please provide the necessary information.


Start of the service

The service will start when the information is posted on the site. Let's tell your fans about this service on SNS etc.


Creating a video

Please shoot a video based on the request from the fans. Fans who receive the original video message will surely be pleased.

Feel free to get started

Please contact us using the application form below.

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