Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat kind of service is Gifter?
AGifter is a service that allows you to request original video messages from celebrities for you, friends and family.
QHow do you order?
ASelect the celebrity you're looking from the celebrity list page, please refer to the request of the video message.
Please tell us in detail about the current situation and situation of you and the recipient so that celebrities can easily shoot.
QWill you accept any request?
AThis service is provided as part of the fan service, but we may not be able to accept radical or unpleasant requests, so please do so within the bounds of common sense.
If you cannot accept it, please contact us by email or phone and we will refund you within 3 days after contacting us. It may take up to a week to confirm the request details.
QHow long does it take to receive a video message after requesting it?
AAthletes and talents have a core business, so it may take some time to compose video messages during busy times. We plan to hand it over for two weeks (excluding holidays), but if you want to use it as a gift, please request it with plenty of time.
It may be closed during long holidays such as the year-end and New Year holidays and Golden Week holidays. If there is a delay in responding to inquiries or deliveries, we will notify you on this site.
QHow long is the video message?
AThe average length is about 30 seconds, although it depends on the content of the request.
QHow do I get the video message?
AWe will send the URL of the public video page and the video file to the email address registered at the time of ordering.
QYour favorite celebrity is not registered.
AThe Gifter management team conducts referral activities so that as many celebrities as possible can be requested.
We hope that our fans will spread this service on SNS and other media.
QI haven't received the gift after 2 weeks.
APlease check if the mail from Gfter is in the junk mail folder.
If you cannot find the email, please contact us using the inquiry form.