terms of use

  • Article 1(Purpose)

1.GifterThe terms of use (hereinafter, "Terms") are based on the original video message creation service " Gifter " (hereinafter, "Book") operated and provided by FAN Communications Inc. (hereinafter, "FAN Communications"). We will establish the basic matters between FAN Communications regarding "Service") and users of this service.

2.This service is a service that allows you to request any celebrity to create an original video message.


  • Article 2(Definition)

The definitions of terms used in this agreement are as follows.


A person who uses this service.


Athletes, talents, musicians, etc. who can request the creation of original video messages.


It means that the user selects any celebrity and asks to compose an original video message.

④Original video message

A video message of about 30 seconds that allows the user to specify the content of the message and is sent to the registered e-mail address in URL format.


  • Article 3(User qualification)

This service can only be used by those who meet the screening criteria set by FAN Communications. However, FAN Communications shall not be obliged to disclose the examination criteria.


  • Article 4(Usage fee for this service)

The usage fee for this service (hereinafter referred to as "usage fee") shall be determined separately for each celebrity.


  • Article 5(Payment of usage fee)

1.Users can use this service by paying the usage fee.

2.The usage fee shall be paid by credit card at the timing of application for use of this service (hereinafter referred to as "this contract").

3.FAN Communications will confirm the content of the request from the user and decide whether or not to accept it. FAN Communications shall refund the usage fee to the user only when the reception is not possible.


  • Article 6(Get information)

1.The user shall comply with the matters stipulated by laws and regulations or this agreement, etc. regarding the original video message or the URL required for download, and shall be able to publish it on SNS etc. at his own risk.

2.FAN Communications shall not be liable for any troubles, disputes, resolutions, damages, etc. caused by the preceding paragraph.


  • Article 7(Get information)

FAN Communications will acquire the following information from users in order to implement and operate this service.

FAN Communications will use this information in its privacy policy ( https://www.fancs.com/privacypolicy >), Handle properly.

①Name, date of birth, address, email address, etc.

②Other information necessary to provide this service


  • Article 8(Preparation of usage environment)

The user shall prepare the equipment, software (including computer virus software), other necessary equipment, environment, etc. necessary for using this service at his / her own risk and expense.


  • Article 9(Intellectual property right)

Copyrights (including the rights stipulated in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act, the same shall apply hereinafter), trademark rights, design rights, etc. of this service and videos, images, documents, sounds, etc. provided through this service. Intellectual property rights, ownership rights and all other rights belong to Fancomi or other right holders.


  • Article 10(Compliance items)

1.Users are gangsters, gangsters, those who have not been a gangster for less than five years, associate members of gangsters, companies affiliated with gangsters, general assembly shops, etc. We assure the fancomi that they do not fall under any other equivalent (hereinafter collectively referred to as "anti-social forces").

2.The user shall use this service in compliance with the disconnection with antisocial forces and other matters stipulated by FAN Communications.


  • Article 11(Prohibited matter)

1.The user must not make any of the following requests.

①The act of using or reselling the original video message for commercial purposes (including but not limited to the purpose of gaining the benefit of the user or a third party)

②Acts of processing or editing original video messages

③Attacks using viruses or other harmful software against this service

④Acts that violate the law

⑤Other acts that FAN Communications deems inappropriate

2.The user must not make any of the following requests.

①Requests for content that causes discomfort

②Request for radical content

③Other requests for content that FAN Communications deems inappropriate


  • Article 12(Violation of this agreement)

1.If the user violates this agreement including compliance items and prohibited items, or if FAN Communications determines that the disposition is appropriate, the user is prohibited from using this service without prior notice or notice of reason. , Other dispositions and cancellation of this contract. In addition, if the user violates Article 6, Paragraph 1, FAN Communications may request deletion of postings on SNS, etc., and the user shall comply with it.

2.In the case of the preceding paragraph, FAN Communications will not refund the usage fee.


  • Article 13(Disclaimer)

FAN Communications cannot take any responsibility for this service in addition to the following items (examples, not limited to these).

①Suspension or termination of this service without notice

②Dealing with troubles and disputes between users, between users and third parties, resolution, compensation for damages, etc.

③Guarantee that the original video message will be delivered on the user's desired date

④Guarantee that the content of the original video message is as expected by the user

⑤Matters stipulated in Article 6, Paragraph 2


  • Article 14(Cancellation in the middle)

The user shall not be able to cancel this contract for any reason.


  • Article 15(Changes to the terms, interruption / suspension / termination of this service, etc.)

FAN Communications may change this agreement, suspend, stop, terminate, or change the contents of this service at any time.


  • Article 16(Governing law and court of jurisdiction)

This agreement is governed by Japanese law. In addition, for disputes related to this service, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance.


Enacted and enforced on November 1, 2020